Boise Concrete Stamping & Texturing

Stamped, textured, and colored concrete

Are you tired of the sea of gray concrete at your home or business? Get the look of more costly materials such as stone, pavers, and wood without breaking the bank – or having to deal with the upkeep.

For years, landscape architects and designers have used colored and textured concrete to tie exterior designs together and to correlate with interior designs. New concrete treatments can be a versatile material to integrate into your landscape design and increase the value of your home or business.

AARD Cement can help you incorporate pattern, texture and color into your concrete work:

  • Boost your curb appeal with a new stamped, textured, or colored concrete driveway. Don’t forget to incorporate new concrete curbing and the approach to your house or business into your driveway design.

  • Get greater enjoyment from your backyard with a stamped, textured or colored patio.

  • Park and store your RV worry free on a concrete pad, which increases the longevity of your investment. Who says your RV pad can’t correlate to the rest of your landscape design?


Stamped Concrete
Stamped concrete can break up a large expanse of gray concrete, giving your hardscaping the look of stone, tile, pavers, or even wood without the cost and maintenance. 
Pressing large, malleable stamps into semi-set concrete is the most common method to add patterns to new concrete. Several stamps are used to ensure the overall pattern isn’t repeated too frequently, and to create a more natural look.
The pattern is up to you. Are you looking for a natural looking random pattern? More geometric patterns such as squares or diamonds can also be achieved by scoring new concrete work or using divider strips to form panels. 
Because concrete is one poured without seams grass and weeds won’t take root, eliminating weeding.
Concrete Textures
AARD Cement can help you add texture to your new concrete installation. Texture can add dimension to your project – a tool used in the design world. 
Textured concrete is not only eye pleasing, it also adds a layer of safety. Special techniques may be used to make your concrete slip resistant. 
A few texture options include:

  • Stamping: Concrete stamps create a slight texture to your new concrete driveway, patio, or walkway.

  • Exposed aggregate: The aggregate in your new concrete is exposed with a pressure washer, sand blaster, or chemical treatment.

  • Rock salt finish: A heavy textured rock salt is incorporated into the surface of your concrete work.

  • Broom finish: Concrete specialists use a broom to sweep a light texture into your new concrete installation.

Colored Concrete
End the sea of gray and take your concrete installation to the next level by incorporating color into your design. Color options for concrete are nearly endless – from pastels to earth tones.
Color is added to concrete in a few methods:

  • Mineral pigments: Most commonly, mineral pigments are mixed into your concrete to create a wide range of colors.

  • Dry-shake: Powdered color is shaken onto the surface of new concrete work and trowelled in.

  • Stain: Chemical stain infiltrate the surface of your concrete project. The result is a more uneven color.

Keep in mind that stamped and colored concrete should be regularly cleaned and sealed, depending on the level of use and exposure to the elements.
Stamped, textured and colored concrete is visually appealing, economical and can last decades. Isn’t it time you felt you could show off your new concrete work? Contact Us today for a free estimate.