Boise Concrete RV Pads

Your RV is an investment. Protect and extend the life of your investment with a concrete RV pad.

AARD Cement is skilled in installing RV pads that can last decades with little maintenance.

Do you need a concrete pad for your RV?

You can certainly park your RV anywhere, but a concrete pad can make RV life easier and extend the life of your RV.

  • Long-term parking and storage. “Ideally you should try to store your motorhome under a covered area and on a solid-surface like concrete,” according to the Family Motor Coach Association’s “Polk’s Top 7 Motorhome Storage Tips”.

  • Protect your RV’s tires. Polk also advises RV owners store their rigs on concrete pads to protect tires: “Frozen ground and petroleum based surfaces, like asphalt, can damage tires over time.”

  • Reduce moisture levels. Depending on where you live, an RV pad can also limit the amount of moisture exposure to the undercarriage of your RV.

  • Easier parking. There’s no need to dread parking your unit. As you may have experienced, a concrete RV pad makes parking and leveling your RV easier.

Why you should leave your concrete RV pad installation to the pros.

You may find tutorials to pour your own concrete RV pad, but this is a job best left to professionals.

Because of the size and weight of your RV, professionals will take special steps to install your pad.

  • Attention to subgrade. To prevent cracking or sinking, professionals will pay special attention to prepare a level and resilient sub grade before forming and pouring your concrete RV pad.

  • Reinforce concrete. Rebar or metal mesh may be added to your RV pad for extra strength, to reinforce your concrete pad against the weight of your RV.

  • Thick concrete. Because of the weight over long periods of storage, you concrete may need to be poured thicker than other traditional concrete installations. Thicker concrete reduces the risk of cracking under pressure.

Do you want to run water, sewer, or power sources to your RV pad? Do you want to integrate texture, stamping, color to you RV pad? (LINK to stamping, texture, and color webpage.) Consider these options as you design your concrete RV Pad.

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