Boise Concrete Patios

Backyards have become extensions of our homes – even dubbed “outdoor rooms.” Lay a solid foundation for your outdoor room with a new, personalized concrete patio. 

Concrete patios can give your backyard a fresh, polished look. They can be customized to mimic much more costly alternatives such as stone, pavers, and even wood without the maintenance and repairs. 

Why choose concrete for your next patio? 

Quite simply, concrete patios are safe, durable, customizable, and low maintenance:

  • Safe: Remove the eyesore and hazards of cracked, uneven, or rough concrete when you replace or install a new concrete patio. New patios can be textured with a non-slip finish, leaving you free of the worry of falling on wet concrete.

  • Durable: A well-poured concrete patio will last decades of wear and tear. In particular, “a stamped concrete patio will last longer than any other masonry installation,” according to the Concrete Network.

  • Customizable: Concrete is a versatile material that allows you to create the patio that best suits your overall design and your unique tastes. Consider how you may play with color, texture, and pattern to correspond with your interior and exterior design goals. (LINK to Stamped, textured, and colored concrete webpage)

  • Low maintenance: Unlike patios made of stone, pavers, and wood, concrete patios require very little maintenance. Stone and pavers can sink and become uneven, making it difficult to place patio furniture on evenly or walk without hazards. Wood patios require refinishing and splinter and crack with age. Because there are no joints in concrete patios, weeds and grass cannot take root eliminating need for weeding. You may choose to apply a sealant to your concrete to extend the life of your patio.

As you begin to design your concrete patio, consider incorporating a fire pit or water feature. Concrete also works well with outdoor kitchens.
Fully enjoy your backyard this year with a new concrete patio. Contact Us today for a free estimate.